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Toro Basic – Hydraulic Press Brake from “Karmet Bulgaria” Ltd.

Press brake TORO Basic is designed with two main goals in mind: Easy operation, maximum productivity in the long run.

Carefully selected components, a sturdy steel frame (ST44 A1 steel) and wide variety of standard features like Motorized R axis, manual crowning, full length tooling makes cnc press brake TORO Basic the workhorse of any production environment. Hydraulic press brake TORO Basic’s high price/ performance ratio makes it a good long-term investment for low-to-high volume/low mix production runs.

KARMET 2D controller on TORO Basic is an ideal and easy-to-use CNC controller for high volume/low mix part runs. One page part-programming feature of KARMET 2D ensures that the operator can view everything related to the part he is working on in a glance and modify if necessary. KARMET software allows the operator to backup/restore part programs, tools and parameters. KARMET software allows the operator to make a part program on his PC and send to KARMET 2D with a wired connection.

Hydraulic press brake TORO Basic’s quick release clamps, manual Z fingers that are adjustable from front of the machine and sliding support arms make it real easy for tooling changes and part positioning.

TORO Basic

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