The frame of cnc press brake Toro Basic is machined on high tech machining centers with 0,01 mm accuracy.


Hoerbieger Hyudraulics maintain steady pressure and uniform bending from the smallest piece to full-length parts.


Four axis (X,R,Y1,Y2) backgauge running on ballscrews and linear guides


High resolution electronic linear scales and high precision hydraulic system ensures even angles on full length parts.


Cleverly and clearly designed electrical panel with easy to replace Siemens components and dual ventilation.

electrical panel

KARMET BULGARIA is a brand built on experience, professionalism and loyalty. Our leading goal has always been and continues to be providing the best quality machines and services for your business.
Guided by this idea and provoked by the dynamic situation with metal which caused increase of prices in the whole industry we developed the series TORO BASIC ECO. This series is exclusively created on experience from our work and years of witnessing every clients main needs and requirements. It is a lighter, more compactable press brake with a more acceptable configuration and price.
In the surrounding circumstances we strongly believe that penetrating the market with a machine that corresponds with every producers needs without having any extra unnecessary equipment is the way to go.

ECO is designed precisely for that – meeting both metalworking needs and budget expectations.


• Lighened steel frame (ST44 A1) machined with high precision (up to 0,01 mm) and welded by professional certified welders.
• Chrome covered and honed cylinders and ground pistons with high quality seals
• User friendly and easy to use Cybelec CybTouch 12PS Controller
• Hoerbieger Hydraulics
• High Stroke and Daylight
• Standard sectioned full length tooling (Top toool and 4 axis matrix)
• Y1 – Y2 Synchronized hydraulic cylinders
• High-resolution linear scales for synchronized ram operation
• X axis backgauge running on ballscrews and linear guides
• Sliding Front Support Arms
• Side Guards and back photocells for safety
• Siemens electrical system
• High Safety Pilz PLC system
• Mechanical Crowning System
• Laser guards for finger protection


• Special stroke, daylight and throat
• Oil Heater, Oil Cooler
• Optional tooling
• WILA and ROLLERI Tool Hydraulic tool clampings
• Servo Motor Backgauge
• X + R backgauge running on ballscrews and linear guides
• DELEM DA-53 controller
• ESA S640 Controller

MODEL Bending Length Bending Force Main Motor Oil Capacity Inside Frames Daylight Opening Stroke Throat Gap Approach Speed Working Speed Return Speed
mm Ton kW Lt mm mm mm mm mm/s mm/s mm/s
3100-120 3100 120 11 140 2550 375 180 255 160 10 130
3100-160 3100 160 15 210 2550 375 180 255 160 10 130
3100-200 3100 200 18.5 210 2550 445 210 255 150 10 130
CYBELEC CybToych 12PS (Standard controller)

Cybelec CybTouch 12PS controller on TORO Basic is an ideal and easy-to-use CNC controller for high volume/low mix part runs.
One page part-programming feature ensures that the operator can view everything related to the part he is working on in a glance and modify if necessary.
Software allows the operator to backup/restore part programs, tools and parameters. Software allows the operator to make a part program on his PC and send to the controller with a wired connection.

DELEM DA-53 Touch (Optional controller)
ESA S 640 (Optional controller)

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