The Lenze servo motors in SERVALO electrical press brakes

The Lenze servo motors in SERVALO electrical press brakes

Over the years, press brakes have gradually evolved from mechanical, through hydraulic and finally to electric. There are several types of all-electric press brakes on the market, some of which are ball screw-driven, others are driven by a system of pulleys, such as Karmet’s electric press brakes from the Servalo series.

This type of machine has a number of advantages over hydraulic ones. For example, higher speed, lower noise levels, precision and convenience. And the lack of hydraulic oil and the corresponding seals significantly facilitate maintenance.

With In electric press brakes, the bending force is obtained by two synchronized servomotors that tighten a system of special belts and rollers that drive the upper beam down. And the fact that the rollers are located along the entire length of the upper beam helps to evenly distribute the weight and a more accurate degree of bending, even with long details.

electrical press brake pulley system

The heart of these machines are actually the two servo motors.

For this reason, for our machines we have chosen a manufacturer with an exceptional reputation for the production of quality products, namely Lenze. They have been producing electric motors for more than 70 years and are one of the most renowned names in the industry. They have a very wide range of different types and specifics of motors, but the ones we use in our machines are Lenze MCA asynchronous servo motors.

servo motors servalo press brake

Among some of their advantages are:

  • Small volume
  • Low moments of inertia
  • Plug connections for quick mounting and easy serviceability
  • Electronic nameplate for easy commissioning
  • Resolver as feedback, alternately: incremental encoder or absolute value encoder
  • Available with holding brake
  • Natural or forced ventilation
  • Enclosure IP65 (forced ventilation IP54)



Manufacturer Lenze
Kind of motor MCA asynchronous servo motor
Motor MCA 17N17-
Power 3.8 kW
Speed 1,680 rpm
Torque 21.5 Nm
Voltage 390 V
Current 8.5
Frequency 60 Hz
Power factor 0.8


lenze servo motor


Thanks to the Lenze servomotors and the geometry, specific for the KARMET Servalo press brakes, the machines have the following technical characteristics:


servalo press brakes technical specifications

karmet servalo electrical press brake

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