Optimal work performance through parts levelling

Optimal work performance through parts levelling

The KOHLER Peak Performer part levelling machine levels metal sheets, rolls and parts with high precision thus relieving their tension. This provides the best conditions for increased productivity and quality.

The Peak Performer operates without hydraulic systems and so it combines ultimate precision with maximum efficiency as well as environmental sustainability. Reduced energy consumption, lower maintenance requirements, and no susceptibility to temperature fluctuations reduce costs.

When it comes to work process, levelling machines can significantly improve it on all links of the chain.


Among the main benefits of this technology are:

  • levelled parts are much easier to cut, bend or weld;
  • such parts require minimum to no rework afterwards;
  • final look of all processed parts is improved;
  • finished products are dimensionally more stable;
  • dimensionally stable materials allow precise assembly.

For the first time Peak Performer is introduced in Bulgaria, with wide range of models able to fulfil even the highest technical requirements. One such model – 60P.1300, was successfully installed at our customer’s base in Bulgaria earlier this year.

The problem that our customer had previously encountered was caused by the manufacture of distorted details when cutting due to the poor quality of the material, which details did not allow clean and fast subsequent welding by their welding robot. The implementation of a levelling machine in the production line eliminated this problem, providing perfectly straight parts without tension for even welding. This reduced the necessary pre-preparation of the parts, shortened the processing time and made the final product more stable.

With its undeniable qualities and high-end characteristics, Peak Performer has already proven to be a production best match.



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