Karmet Bulgaria Ltd. @ MachTech & InnoTech 2022!


Thank you all who attended the MachTech & InnoTech Expo 2022 exhibition!
We hope that we managed to convey to you some of our positivite vibes, good mood and, of course, to show you our excellent machines!
There are many more and even more interesting meetings ahead of us!

Karmet Bulgaria ltd. @ MachTech & InnoTech 2022!


KARMET BULGARIA – Your production is our priority.
Join us in one of the biggest technical exhibitions in Bulgaria and check the latest and most innovative technologies and developments in the field of metalworking.
We are expecting You in Hall 1, stand B8 at Machtech & Innotech Expo 2022 in Sofia!

FIBER PLUS 315 12kW – Marking Raster Images


In addition to the highly efficient cutting of materials of different types and thicknesses, the Fiber Plus systems also provide opportunity for precise and accurate engraving of raster images on metal. The excellent qualities of the laser provide great flexibility in design, and the engraving process adds value to the final products and makes them different and unique.


FIBER PLUS 315 12kW – Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


The FIBER PLUS 315 system is characterized by high precision and optimization during cutting.
The laser source with a power of 12kW can easily cut both parts with huge thickness and very thin and fine details.
The innovative software further contributes to obtaining a precise cut, while at the same time preventing the material from burning during processing.

FIBER PLUS 315 30kW – Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


The FIBER PLUS laser systems series of Cutlite Penta combines great quality, durability, and low operating costs.
Optimization of the cutting process of both carbon and stainless steels is achieved through the finest linear motors available on the market. The cutting head, carefully designed and manufactured in-house by Cutlite Penta delivers cuts with lower pressures when compared to the competitors. And together with the high-power laser source, best cutting results are guaranteed.
All these functional features, as well as the simplicity and stability of the optical path, converge towards highly productive work process of the FIBER PLUS laser systems.

Our Service Department at Kohler Maschinenbau GmbH. for a Detailed Training


Further to the successful partnership between Karmet Bulgaria Ltd. and the leading manufacturer of levelling machines – Kohler Maschinenbau GmbH, our service department visited their base in Germany for detailed training on working with the equipment.
During the process, our team got acquainted with the latest technologies in the field and was extremely impressed by the high level demonstrated by the manufacturer. With several successful installations and even more improved practical experience, Karmet engineers are fully prepared to assist each and every customer with the installation and maintenance of their machine.
We thank our partners from Germany and look forward to realizing new projects together!

RHINO MFC 2025 – Metal Folders


Are you looking for а modern, high-tech and reliable equipment for your production? If the answer is yes, then KARMET BULGARIA has the perfect solution for you – metal folder RHINO MFC 2025.
The model is the latest addition to our wide assortment of metalworking machines and stands out with exceptional precision, low power consumption and low noise levels.
RHINO has excellent standard features and can be equipped with various options to maximize its performance and efficiency.
This machine allows you to achieve two types of bends – hemming at the edge of the sheet at an angle of up to 150° and another in the form of ellipse achieved through a series of bends with a smaller angle.
Choose RHINO – the reliable system for your business!

Levelling Thick Plates with KOHLER – Peak Performer


Including levelling into the production chain contributes to saving time from manual processing of details and to significantly reducing the amount of discarded material, as well.
As a result of the successful partnership between KARMET BULGARIA and Kohler Maschinenbau customers now have the opportunity to implement these machines into their work and process wide range of materials and heavy plates up to 60mm. Levelling has never been easier and faster! Find out more about this revolutionary technology in order to get perfect results.

KARMET BULGARIA in collaboration with Cutlite Penta srl.


KARMET BULGARIA in collaboration with Cutlite Penta presents to you the newest and most advanced technologies in the field of metal and plastic laser cutting. We offer systems that provide customers with real added value in terms of competitiveness and effectiveness of the production process. If you are looking for equipment which guarantees high cutting quality, requires only minimum maintenance and stands out with steady performance and 2 years full warranty of the optical system, make your choice now and see immediate results!



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