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section and pipe bending machine


section and pipe bending machine

The MC650 NARGESA section and pipe bending machine is made of welded and machined sheet steel, making it very tough and stable. It is ideal for manufacturing flanges, greenhouses, railings, large structures for buildings such as circular beams for roofs, domes, bridge abutments, metal pergolas, curved marquees, structures for tunnels… Urban furniture such as street lamps, protections for roundabouts, bicycle parking stands, tree protectors, railings, public transport marquees, bollards or moveable bollards, children’s play parks and all sorts of circular figures in different large and small sections and tubes. Its capacity, versatility, control panel and 4.0 technology make the MC650 bender an ideal machine for bending not only for your company, but for other clients as well.

All Nargesa products are according to the CE standards on manufacturing industrial machinery.

Uses for the machine

Machine Features

Its robustness, axis diameter, reduction capacity, Control Panel and 4.0 Technology make out of it one of the best bending machines on the market in the three-driven roller category, an essential condition for working tubes and large profiles with a perfect finish.

4.0 Technology: The advantages of having this technology in a machine are endless, so we’re only going to mention the most relevant. Whenever a customer agrees, the manufacturer may remotely connect to their machine to do any software updates completely free of cost and detect any anomalies in the machine without needing to travel to the machine site. Customers are notified when preventive maintenance must be done on the machine along with many other advantageous features.

All-new EcoMode: We are well aware of the importance of saving energy nowadays. This is why our new machinery features an EcoMode which automatically disconnects the electric parts consuming the most energy if it detects any period of inactivity. Just press the movement button to restart production. We believe this feature is of vital importance to our customers for their savings as well as for the sustainability of the planet. After all, we’re a company that’s highly committed to the environment.

Robustness: The weight of the machine in comparison to other brands provides an idea of how it’s built. Some models can double the others in weight. These are not DIY machines; they’re pipe benders that can work 24 hours a day. Made of steel sheet, which is tempered in areas subject to wear, and activated with a pinion planetary gear system. We do not use chains or other weak devices that could affect how the machine operates in the future.

Vertical and horizontal position: It is important to note that when purchasing a bending machine, you need to be able to position it horizontally as well as vertically. If the piece to be manufactured has diameters less than 1500 mm, working in a vertical position is recommended. On the contrary, when the bend diameters are increased above this level, work should be done in a horizontal position. Due to the proper support, this prevents the weight of the piece from affecting the end results. Bending is also done in a horizontal position to overcome clearance issues at the customer’s facilities. The MC650 bending machine can be operated in both positions (vertical and horizontal) which proves its great versatility.

An electronically-controlled asymmetric roller position: Asymmetric bending machines offer certain advantages over pyramidal bending machines. The lower axles rise and drop in a kidney-shaped movement. This means the distances between centers are variable which saves materials and, as a result, provides for optimal use of the profile or pipe which can be bent almost to the end. Another advantage is that bends can be made with much smaller radiuses than with pyramidal bending machines as the rollers can be practically moved together.

3 power rollers: The 3-roller drag system makes the work easier, mainly when bending round or square pipes. This prevents possible marks on the material which is a significant improvement over 2-power axle bending machines which feature lower layer-cut rollers for good traction. All bending work is done faster with a 3-power axle bender.

Side hardeners: The side hardeners on the MC650 model can correct profile bends in up to 6 different planes: forward, backward, upward, downward, in a left rotation and in a right rotation over the same axis. Likewise, the hardeners can be adjusted to force the profile to create a spiral. It also features a rotary device that’s essential to being able to bend the angle or establish the radius resulting from the mechanically-formed piece.

Rotation speed and programmable axle adjustment: In most cases, the production speed can be increased when the profile to be bent is small and the machine is programmed to do so. When the profile used is larger, you can also reduce the operating speed to adjust it appropriately for a proper bend. Likewise, the bend adjustment speed can be programmed on the first piece or only piece, facilitating and streamlining the most complex bending work. Unlike other brands, the Nargesa MC650 comes standard with this speed variator for roller rotation and position adjustment.

  • It’s equipped with  9 standard rollers by means of which you can make all kinds of profiles. Square pipe, rectangular, solid square bar, round and rectangular,  U profile, T profile, angle, flat bar, edge flat bar… Optional rollers can be supplied for round pipe or tube (See optional accessories at the bottom of the page).
  • It is specially designed to carry out mass production through the control, which saves the position of the rollers in each curve to repeat the same operations later. Without longitudinal positioning control.
  • Max. bending capacity in round pipes:​ 4″ inches or 101,6 mm.
  • Three traction rollers, ideal and essential to bend round pipe, with smooth surface not to get the pipe or profile damaged.
  • Safe transmission between tempered planetary pinions by induction.
  • Tempered and rectified F-154 steel axles.
  • Electrohydraulic drive system.
  • Diameter of the lower axles: 65 mm.
  • Diameter of the upper axle: 80 mm.
  • Net length of the axles: 130 mm.
  • Outer roller diameter: 202 mm.
  • Bend regulation independent of the lower rollers which allows much smaller bends in diameter and takes better advantage of the material than pyramidal bending machines.
  • Electronically-controlled asymmetric roller position.
  • ESA S625 panel comes with the machine.
  • Main motor: 3 KW/4 CV.
  • Hydraulic motor unit: 0.75 KW/1 CV.
  • 3-phase voltage: 230/400 V.
  • Adjustable roller speed: from 3 to 7 RPM.
  • Palletized lower table so it can be easily moved to the working site or storage.
  • Wooden pallet and 3-layered cardboard box suitable for sea freight.
  • Optional: wooden packaging NIMF15.


All our products are manufactured in our facilities in Spain. Hydraulic and electrical components are completely standard from the best European leading trademarks, with technical suppeort all over the world: Rexroth, Bosch, Roquet, Schneider Electric, LG, Telemecanique, Pizzato…

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