Sheet Metal Bending – Faster, Easier and More Efficient

Sheet Metal Bending – Faster, Easier and More Efficient

The process of bending various types of sheet material is utilized in product design and production processes of a number of different industries.

Over the years, metalworking technologies have undergone various transformations. Modern machines are multifunctional, with innovative design and functionality and the highest level of equipment.

The main questions that every supplier of bending press presses asks the customer are:

– What type of metal is mainly processed?

– What is the thickness of the material?

– What are the dimensions of the metal sheet?

– What are the angle and direction of bending?

The answers to these questions determine the appropriate model press brake and the best technical configuration for the machine.

In addition, when choosing the most appropriate addition to their machinery park, more and more customers pay attention to the following factors: bending precision, working speed, process automation, work safety, frame rigidy, option for software integration, etc.

Buying a press brake is an important investment, as in most large productions bending machines are very busy every day and must be able to seamlessly bend hundreds of metal sheets per day for many years.

At this moment, the specialists of KARMET Bulgaria will adequately involve in the process of selecting a machine. We take the necessary time to understand the production needs of our customers and to recommend them the most suitable machine, with the ability to take a little extra over the current volume of work.

Most often for standard productions with medium to high load we recommend TORO series hydraulic press brakes: TORO Pro, TORO Basic, TORO Rapido and TORO Heavy Duty.

We will first share with you which improvements to hydraulic press brakes make them better than their older alternatives: the operator has full control over the machine, which allows him to see instant results and influence the work process, as well as to stop the machine at any time in order to prevent an accident. Hydraulic presses are the best choice in terms of the quality of the finished product. In addition a very important advantage is the safety and security of the processes.

What type of production are the TORO series machines suitable for?

  • Pro: the highest tech achievement in the production of KARMET press brakes.
  • Basic: designed with two main goals in mind: Easy operation, maximum productivity in the long run.
  • Rapido: an ideal add-on press brake for job shops and production facilities where small batches need to be run without interrupting the main production flow and changing the setup on the main production press brakes.
  • Heavy Duty: allows reaching maximum bending capacity and is easy to operate.

All TORO machines use “air bending” technology. There is no full contact between the metal sheet and the tools. There are two points of contact between the working part and the beam. In this case, you can perform the bending process by using only the upper tool. The main advantages of air (or “partial bending”) are: a wide range of bending, max simplified work process and the possibility of quick correction in case of error only by applying additional effort to the part.

What are the advantages of TORO hydraulic press brakes?

  • Technical configuration: flexible options from simple to complex equipment of the selected machine model, as well as many high-tech extras as additional
  • Reduced setup time: operators can use the full capacity of the machine with minimal intervention, taking advantage of the easy-to-use controllers and the CNC crowning system, which provides equal angles along the entire length
  • Increased productivity: the reduced setup and production time lead to an increase in the production capacity of our customers and often to the need for a second machine for additional load or for subcontracting metal bending services.
  • Low operating costs: servo motors help speed up machine operation, low power consumption and reduced maintenance costs for the entire hydraulic system


After analyzing all factors for choosing a press brake, do not forget about the regular service of the machine. Proper maintenance ensures seamless operation of the machine for the longest possible period.

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