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We from КARMET BULGARIA EOOD are proud to announce our cooperation with KOHLER Maschinenbau GmbH.

The company is among the world’s leading manufacturers of levelling machines for metal sheet and roll material and parts.

The implementation of such high-tech equipment contributes to the improvement of the production process, saving time from manual processing of the parts and significantly reducing the amount of discarded material.

Why level?

levelling machine sample мостра изправен и неизправен детайл

Electromechanical leveling gap control

The quiet, energy-efficient leveling gap control actuators keep the leveling gap constant through a four-fold wedge system on roller bearings.

levelling improves welding изправянето улеснява заваряването

Efficient welding

Leveled parts speed up both automated and manual welding processes, since the welding gap is more constant due to leveling of the material having been leveled.

levelling improves bending изправянето улеснява огъването

Reproducible bending process

Leveled materials provide for more constant elastic recovery in the bent component.

More precise assembly

Materials that are straight and dimensionally stable are also a key aspect in assembly operations.

Cost efficiency without hydraulics

The Peak Performer from KOHLER operates without hydraulic systems and so combines ultimate precision with maximum efficiency as well as environmental sustainability.

Electromechanical leveling gap control

The quiet, energy-efficient leveling gap control actuators keep the leveling gap constant through a four-fold wedge system on roller bearings.

Advanced cleaning system

The Peak Performer features an advanced cleaning system to make it easy to clean the leveling rollers and supporting rollers.

Reversible leveling rollers

The patented reversible leveling rollers on the Peak Performers increase the service life of the rollers when leveling narrow parts on machines that have a comparatively large processing width.

Advanced Cleaning System

Quick and easy cleaning of the leveling rollers and supporting rollers.

The top or bottom guide plate with the supporting rollers and leveling rollers on the Peak Performer part leveling machine can be alternately slid out of the machine, powered entirely by an electric motor, after the top roller frame has been moved upward by motor. This means that particles of dirt can be removed quickly and easily, and cleaning can easily be carried out by just one person.

Quicker Setting Thanks to Easy Operation

man using the levelling machine controller

The Expert Calculation System from KOHLER makes it easier and quicker to set the part leveling machine for the material in question.

The calculation module with intelligent user interface to pre-calculate the roller frame adjustment offers suggestions for the roller frame setting based on the material data for the relevant material. Once the material type, sheet thickness, yield point, and required degree of plastification have been entered, the roller frame position is calculated.

The input limits are monitored by the system and limited accordingly. Manual readjustments can be made to further optimize the leveling results. The machine operator can save selected settings and call them up again later with the user-friendly control system. The most recent settings are automatically saved by the system as a history and can therefore be reproduced at any time to optimize the process further.

The Peak Performer part leveling machines come with a high-resolution, multi-touch display with excellent color depth as standard features.

Machine components

list of the machine components списък с компонентите на машината

Comparison: before and after straightening


Visit the Kohler Levelling Center website.

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