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gator whirl pipe laser cutting machine лазерно рязане


Machine features


1. Automatic clamping and centering, ensuring long-pipe feeding accuracy, high cutting precision and excelent efficiency.
2. Available to process square tube, round tube, rectangular tube, irregular shape tube, etc.
3. Nesting software has multi-layer function, able to process complex curve drawings.
4. Automatic loading and unloading system is available for lower labor cost and higher cutting


Technical specifications


gator whirl technical specifications table


Optional: Auto loading system


auto loading system

Whirl-Plus mainly applies for processing round tube, square tube, oval tube and other shaped products. Comparing with conventional cutting methods, it works flexibly to decrease new products developing cycle since no mold is required. Automatic loading system available, for decreasing labor cost, increasing cutting efficiency.


Intelligent fixture


Automatic clamping and centering, ensure long pipe feeding accuracy, high cutting precision and excellent efficiency. Improved auxiliary equipment control system, including the functions of scrap plate turning, feeding support, automatic unloading of the tail material etc, to ensure that the equipment can complete automatic cutting control.




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