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gator fiber plus fiber laser cutting machine лазерно рязане


Range of application


• Sheet-metal processing, parts & components manufacturing, machinery production, especially suitable for medium-and-thick plate (carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy) cutting processing. Also applicable to cutting processing of aluminum plate, copper plate and other high-reflective materials.


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PENTA LASER launched the very first 20000W fiber laser cutting machine to the market, the power is increasing and also the cutting thickness, adopt with new CNC system that reacts and moves reacts in microseconds and allows to perform extremely advance functions


Technical specifications


gator fiber plus table with technical specifications


Upgraded CNC Cystem SM5.0


The newly updated SM5.0 is a dedicated laser cutting operation system that allows you to make the most and best use of your laser machine. It is Windows based with user-friendly interface, easy to learn and operate.The CNC program provide cutting database and adjust the parameters during cutting process, aims at reaching best cutting quality. Optimize various of piercing mode, such as continuous piercing, pulse piercing, blasting piercing and so on. Adopt new generation of frog jump management, which enables the fluent movement without any pause. The materials’ productivity promoted more than 25%. Acquire gas auto shut-off function during fast moving. Even faster with the function of automatic edge detection. Embedded with intelligent Smart Connection. Metal obstructions can be detected to avoid collision to the uttermost in fast running while cutting.


Optional: Bevel Cutting

bevel cut optional




gator fiber plus fiber laser cutting machine samples лазерно рязане мостри


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