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gator bull fiber laser cutting machine лазерно рязане


Machine features


1. Adopt the gantry structure design, ensure the diagonal accuracy of large format.
2. High speed (80m/min) and high acceleration (0.8G)
3. Laser protection and raster design.


Advantages over plasma cutting


1. High precision, little kerf, good cutting quality. Fast speed and high efficiency.
2. Low cutting taper; high material utilization.
3. Clean and environmental friendly; energy saving.


Technical specifications


gator bull technical specifications table


Optional: Bevel cutting


optional bevel cutting лазер рязане под ъгъл


Optional: Super large cutting table


Super large cutting table

Super large processing working table with 3000m×28000mm (optional), with the features of laser cutting high precision, high efficiency, clean and environmental protection etc., make it the best choice to replace the traditional flame and plasma cutting equipment.


Adopt Gantry structure

Adopt Gantry structure to replace backpack CO2 Laser Cutting Machine, with the advantage of power saving, fast moving, fast cutting, fast piercing etc. The production efficiency is promoted more than 50%; imported intelligent cutting head which guarantee the stability and advancement.




gator bull fiber laser cutting machine samples лазерно рязане мостри


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