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High precision


high precision

The High precision digital radius gauge measures radii in spherical objects such as tubes, profiles and pipes in a quick and accurate way.
It is really fast and easy to use! It indicates the inner or outer radius of the part we are bending without removing it from the machine and without needing to previously draw and cut a guide template.

Uses for the tool

Technical Features

This Digital arc meter allows the direct and immediate reading of the values of the inner or outer radius in a wide range of bends.

  • Comfort: No need to prepare and cut a template to know the radius of a bend, it is not necessary to remove the part from the machine to measure it either. The digital radius gauge makes the job quicker and easier. 
  • Easy to use: Its use is simple and the measurement process is very fast. We only have to place the digital radius gauge on the internal or external part of the curve and it will automatically show the value.
  • Multi-material: This tool is suitable for any kind of solid and consistent materials like steel, wood or plastic shapes.
  • High precision: Its error tolerance over the radius is 0,01mm. Precision will depend on the surface quality of the material to measure.
  • Application scope: This digital radius gauge is supplied with three different high precision arc meters. The use of either one or other arch meter offers a measurement range swinging from 55 to 11.250 millimeters and from 2″ to 443″ inches.
  • LCD digital screen: Comfortable reading of all data and low power consumption.
  • Practical: It is small and light, we can easily use it for different measurements. It is comfortable, reliable and long lasting.
  • Storage: We deliver it inside a stainless briefcase, with an inner foam protection to keep it safe and protect the arc meter when it is not in use. It is comfortable to carry and shock-resistant. 
  • Two units of measure: We can select either millimeters or inches just by pressing a button.
  • Perfect for wide radii: Unlike other manufacturers, the High Precision Arc Meter Nargesa can measure radii up to 12m with maximum precision. For bigger radii, please consult the manufacturer.  
  • Ideal for smaller radii: The great touch sensor length allows its use even when the inner radius to measure is very tiny.


  • Measurement scope: From 55 to 11.250 millimeters or from 2″ to 443″ Inches
  • Accuracy: 0.01
  • Power supply: 3V CR2032 Lithium battery (included)
  • Working temperature: 0±40ºC
  • Storage and transport temperature: -20ºC – 60ºC
  • Relative humidity: =80%
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