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mammut eccentric press

C-frame presses derive their name from the C-shaped throat opening. In addition to the familiar open back design, this style of machine has a long history of use for portable hole punching. The press-brake is also a type of gap-frame press.

Presses with force capacities up to 250 tons and larger, gap frame presses are less costly than a straightside press having the same force capacity. In the 35 to 60-ton force range, they cost approximately half that of straightside presses.

The chief limiting factor of this type of machine is that it has more deflection than a straight-side press for a given load. The deflection has both a vertical and angular component.

mammut eccentric presses
mammut eccentric presses
mammut eccentric presses

Gap or C-frame presses have many useful features. These include excellent accessibility from the front and sides for die setting and operation. The machines also cost substantially less than straight-side presses. The open back is available for feeding stock as well as ejection of parts and scrap.
A further advantage of a gap frame press is that the machine is easier to set-up than a straightside press. The diesetter has much greater freedom of access to locate and bolt the die in place. The open back is also accessible for discharging finished parts and scrap as well as feeding stock. Gap-frame presses generally have less height than a straightside press of comparable tonnage. This is a valuable consideration when overhead clearance is limited.


• Semi automatic stroke adjustment
• Stress relieving Treatment
• Slide with six guides
• Motor forward/Back control system
• Centralized lubrication
• Photocell guard fence
• Pneumatic equilibrating cylinders
• Motorised carriage adjustment system
• Hydraulic overload protection system
• Pneumatic clutch/Brake combination
• Double selenoid
• Press safety valve
• Gear groups in oil bath
• CE certificate


• Inverter
• Automatic stroke adjustment
• Quick die change system
• Pneumatic cushion
• 2nd table

MODEL Normal Pressure Stroke Per Minute Motor Power Stroke Adjustment Slide Adjustment C Frame Depth Distance Between Columns Daylight Main Table Dimensions Main Table Thickness Hole of the Main Table Carriage Table Dimensions Hole of the Carriage Table Weight
kN rpm kW mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm kg
6K/63 630 60 5.5 10-110 0-90 305 480 300 900×600 70 200 600×500 50 6.000
6K/100 1000 60 11 20-160 0-100 390 550 300 1100×700 100 220 900×600 40 15.000
6K/160 1600 50 11 20-160 0-100 425 650 400 1050×650 85 250 1300×800 65 17.000
6K/200 2000 45 15 20-180 0-110 425 640 450 1400×800 85 250 1100×1650 65 20.000
6K/250 2500 40 22 20-180 0-110 475 650 450 1500×900 95 365 1300×700 65 24.000


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