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Machine type Machining Center
Code K14-001
Manufacturer HELLER
Type BEA 1
Comments Technical Data: Travel in X: [mm] 630 Travel in Y: [mm] 500 Travel in Z: [mm] 630 Feed rate in X: [mm/min] 10.000 Feed rate in Y: [mm/min] 10.000 Feed rate in Z: [mm/min] 10.000 Rapid traverse in X: [mm/min] 15.000 Rapid traverse in Y: [mm/min] 15.000 Rapid traverse in Z: [mm/min] 15.000 Table size (LxB): [mm] 500x500 Max. load on table-/pallet: [kg] 600 No. of pallets: [Stk.] 8 Revolutions, main spindle: [min-1] 45-4.000 No. of tools in tool changer: [Stk.] 40+120 Tool reception: (HSK, SK, BT, VDI) ISO SK 50 Power requirement: [kW] 50 Dimensions (LxWxH): [mm] 5.700x2.500x2.800 Machine weight: [kg] 10.000
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